Short North Bagel Deli was founded in 2011 as a mobile food cart. The original idea was to start with a brick and mortar in Short North (hence the name), however when founder Jeremy Fox determined start up costs and risk was too high, he decided to go with a food cart to minimize risk.

Why steamed deli sandwiches on bagels you ask? Good question. Bagel and Deli's are popular on college campus's across the midwest, the most well known on being on the campus of Miami University in Oxford Ohio. That is where Jeremy's older sister attended college and is where he got his first taste of the heavenly master piece known as a steamed bagel sandwich. While Jeremy did not attend Miami U, he did put Bagel Deli high on his list of "must haves" when looking at colleges. As fate would have it, Jeremy accepted a scholarship to place soccer at Butler University in Indianapolis and low and behold there was a bagel deli about 5 minutes from campus. It was meant to be, as they say.

When Jeremy finished college he moved back to Columbus and took an internet marketing job. After quickly figuring out he wasn't cut out for the 9 to 5 life, he started exploring his options and that is how Short North Bagel Deli came to be.

About a year to 2 after the opening the cart, Jeremy was approached to open a concession stand inside the Schottenstien Center and open it for OSU mens basketball games, concerts, and other special events. That led to concessions stands inside the Horse Shoe for football games and larger concerts.

Short North Bagel Deli then introduced a food truck into the mix so we could double book and operate at multiple locations at the same time.

In 2017 Jeremy licensed the name Blocks Bagels and opened up a brick and mortar just outside of Bexley. Jeremy has always used Blocks for Short North Bagel Deli's bagels and cream cheeses, but now you'll find more of Blocks menu items on Short North Bagel Deli Menu as the two have merged a bit.

It's an exciting future for Short North Bagel Deli and the Blocks partnership and we'll just have to see where it takes us!